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Contemporary art and design in São Bento
Home is very important to me: a true nest where I'm surrounded by authentic beauty and elegance.
Text by Veerle Devos , Pic by Thierry Guerlain
"Home is very important to me: a true nest where I'm surrounded by authentic beauty and elegance. It gives me a feeling of well-being and connection”, says Anne-Laure Pilet, who's been living in Lisbon for 3 years now. Her gallery 'Analora' in Lisbon's antique district São Bento is a true Wunderkammer, hosting many fabulous decorative objects Anne-Laure discovers and selects in Portugal. Her collection is like her life: off the cuf, elegantly building on her education and experiences, without going straight for a goal, yet not rudderless at all. At Analora Gallery you'll find everything from ceramics to textile: decorative objects that turn a house into a home. “I represent artists, craftspeople and makers whose work I find inspiring: unique work steeped in local tradition and history, yet different and personal."
Anne-Laure Pilet

The intense experience in China makes Anne-Laure appreciate Portugal even more. “It's such a beautiful country! I just adore the coloured tiles facades everywhere, and the many beautiful city palaces. And then the natural light... it's special. The country has an unrefined yet authentic side which appeals to me. The people here are sweet and friendly, and open. Living here is good for the heart. And for the stomach: I like the cuisine here, simple and honest, with lots of fresh fish. That gives me happiness as well as simple pleasure. I also cherish the mentality of the Portuguese people, who appreciate and cultivate what's good. There is indeed a lot to conserve in Portugal, with such a long and rich history. A very authentic country, close to its real soul. I very much feel at home here”, says Anne-Laure, who passes on that positive atmosphere in her gallery. “The decorative objects I select are poetic, and you will recognise softness and friendliness in them. They anoint the soul", says Anne-Laure, who's ultimate ambition it is to share her enthusiasm for Portugal through the makers she appreciates.

Anne-Laure Pilet + Thomas Mendonça
Anne-Laure Pilet + Almerinda Gillet
Anne-Laure Pilet + Antonio Vasconcelos Lapa


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