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Géraldine Grinda’s jewelry collection
Sculpted jewels in limited edition
I just adore Géraldine's jewelry collection, as it is very sculptural
Géraldine Grinda’s limited edition bracelets, necklaces and earrings
Text Veerle Devos, Pic Thierry Guerlain
Géraldine’s limited edition bracelets, necklaces and earrings are full of creativity and originality, they are unconventional and unique, and they each tell a story. They enable us to enhance our homes just like we enhance our own appearance. These are jewels that dress you. However, wearing jewellery is never about showing off but rather about creating an intimate and personal feeling of wellbeing. With the jewellery you wear, you show subtly who you are.

For me, my interior is a sort of extension of my personality, and I assume this is true for many people. Intimacy is the key word - when it comes to your own body and how you feel in it, but also with the personal environment you shape according to your personality.

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