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One year anniversary with Fabienne Auzolle
Twelve Sculptures in exclusivity for Analora’s Birthday
Let’s the angels talk ....
Fabienne Auzolle creates serene faces that have a delicate and distant expression, mysterious smiles, eyes closed and turned towards the sky, towards the sun, like heliotropes. Are these fairies, madonnas, pagan divinities, angels, virgins, mermaids, nymphs, or praying figures?

Women and flowers have blended together for millennia, such as the Celts Blodeuwedd and Blathnat, created by magic with faces of flowers. Such as Daphne, metamorphosed into laurel to escape Apollo's advances, or the Indian Mandjapoumeram, changed into an olive tree for refusing the sun's advances.

We find the same in mystical literature, where saints are flowers, both protective and intermediary between heaven and earth.

These beauties are inspired by the statuary or mythology of one of the goddess-mothers: the Greeks Gaia, Demeter, Hera, and Rhea; Isis of Pharaonic Egypt; the Assyrian-Babylonian Ishtar; the Phoenician Astarte; Kali in India; Dana in Ireland; Ana in Celtic mythology; Birgit or Minerva in Gallo-Roman mythology.

The artist sometimes uses the goddess-mothers' vegetal attributes or symbolism to breathe new life into them, creating dreams balmy with roses, peonies, and pansies, her favorite flowers.

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