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Antonio Vasconcelos Lapa at Azulejo Museu Nacional
Viagens by Antonio Vasconcelos Lapa - Museu Nacional do Azulejo
Azulejo National Museum- Lisbon
Exhibition Antonio Vasconcelos Lapa
The title of the exhibition , Journey(s), was chosen by Antonio Vasconcelos Lapa, to confer unity to the wide diversity of his ceramic work : tile panels, high and low reliefs, three-dimensional pieces of smiling faces, animal heads, installations that spring from spaces, trees that rise up , exotic flora and fauna. Vasconcelos Lapa has made in recent years tropical forests with exuberant fauna and flora in ceramics. This pieces are playful and multi sensorial, vibrant, colourful, producing sounds, as if coming out of a fairy tale. 
Fruito-Grés vidrado
Fuito-Grés vidrado- Conjunto 3 peças
Bambu - Grés vidrado
Bambu-Grés vidrado

The botanical universe of Vasconcelos Lapa is so unique that it is easily recognizable in any context . A whole range of new specimen is born which could rightly be called «  Vasconcelianos » in honor of his creator.

Cabeças no ar -Grés vidrado

And autumn, a pomegranate tree drops a fruit on the ground, a bamboo rising green and vigorous, a group of brightly colored plants and flowers blooming in an environment that looks like an underwater background.

This is the wild nature created by the Artist .

Romazeira, Grés vidrado

You can visit the exhibition until spring 2023.

If you are interested by buying a piece of art from the exhibition, please contact me.

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