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Chun Kwang Young
Artist Chun Kwang Young's works
Chun Kwang Young: Times Reimagined, 2022
Artist Chun Kwang Young's works reflect various socio-ecological subjects arising from environmental abnormalities.
Chun Kwang Young is a Korean artist best known for his textural, crystalline paper sculptures. For the past 30 years, he has researched and practiced under the theme of interconnectedness of living beings, developing a unique methodology of conveying his emotion and ambition. He finally settled in the medium of mulberry paper as his dominant aesthetic language. Thus, the nature of durability and permanence embodied in the mulberry paper adds contextual layers to his works.

The paper he uses is not mass-produced, but handmade from mulberry trees according to the traditional paper-making techniques in East Asia. Its maximum durability can be witnessed over 1,300 years surprisingly. The artist used disassembled paper from discarded books that were about 100 years old to make reliefs, sculptures and installations. In this sense, the paper used in his works has a previous life that existed in the form of book as a storage of knowledge and information, and was resurrected this time as artwork through the hands of the artist Chun.

« To me, the triangular pieces wrapped in mulberry paper are basic units of information, the basic cells of a life that only exists in art, as well as in individual social events or historical facts. By attaching these pieces one by one to a two-dimensional surface, I wanted to express how basic units of information can both create harmony and conflict. This became an important milestone in my long artistic journey to express the troubles of a modern man who is driven to a devastated life by materialism, endless competition, conflict, and destruction. After almost twenty years, I was now able to communicate with my own gestures and words. »

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